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Ikatana Alumni Mahasiswa Papua Luar Negeri

Alumni of Papua Students Association Overseas


Educated To Educate

Who We are

     Papua is the western half of the island of New Guinea, consisting two indonesia’s provinces of Papua and West Papua. To promote and develop Papua, both provincial governments imposed policy by allowing many young Papuans to fulfill their tertiary education under the scholarship scheme. Under this program, the Papuan students now spread across the globe pursuing higher education at different levels of qualification.

    As many Papuan students are successfully completing their study, Alumni of Papuan Students Association Overseas (APSAO) will exist as an independent organization to unite, to be an intellectual resource and an advocate to advance interest of the Papuan overseas graduates who are living in Papua and around the World, as well as to making an impact for the best interest of Papua. As such, APSAO aspires to be a vital partner in the success of Papua’s
provincial governments through the engagement of alumni.



●   Alumni of Papuan Students Association

     Overseas is about promoting unity, leadership

     development and knowledge sharing.
●  Build our network with the governments,

    companies, and organizations to create

●  Be an instrument to help Papua's

    governments to develop and promote

●  Bring more Papuan Students to the different

    countries and develop a strong foundation of

    education to increase effective investment in

    Papua’s education.

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